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We are an independent software firm that designs and builds websites and apps (web, mobile and desktop). We are client-focused and driven. Our job is to provide services and tools that make it easier for clients to accomplish their business goals.


We design elegant, custom websites for law firms and other business. In designing sites, we focus on three things:

  • Presenting the client's business in a fashion that reflects the client's commitments to its business. We attempt to present the character and essence of a business and its members.
  • Conveying information about the client's business and its services in a simple and accessible manner.
  • Creating sites that client personnel can maintain without recourse to outside consultants or in-house IT staff. This is the third decade of the 21st century. Maintaining a website shouldn't require dedicated staff.


We build applications that run on browsers, mobile devices, tables and desktops. We develop both market apps and dedicated apps for clients.